6 creative and unique things to do with a loved one’s ashes

  1. Cremation jewellery

– A beautiful way to keep your loved one with you wherever you go. Beautiful cremation jewellery includes pendants, lockets and bracelet beads which can be designed to hold a small amount of a loved one’s ashes. Many choose to have their cremation jewellery engraved with the name of their loved one or a date of significance, such as a wedding date or a birthday.

  1. Plant urn

– If your loved one enjoyed the outdoors, was environmentally conscious or maybe just an avid gardener you may choose to have their ashes placed in a biodegradable urn which will grow into a tree sapling with time. Most people choose to plant these urns in their own garden but if you are considering a different location be sure you have permission from the landowner.

  1. Fireworks

– Some companies can have your loved ones ashes placed into fireworks so that you can have a spectacular and beautiful send off with friends and family in your very own garden or in a professional display. The perfect goodbye for a particularly eccentric or colourful loved one who would’ve wanted to go out with a bang.

  1. Space

– If your loved one always longed for adventure, enjoyed star gazing or was simply a Star Trek super fan, you might be interested in having their ashes launched into space. Certain companies will send a small amount of your loved one’s ashes into space and also make it possible for you to track their journey through orbit!

  1. Coral reef

– By having your loved one’s remains placed in a coral reef they will be contributing to preserving and protecting marine life forever. The ashes will be mixed with cement to create an underwater urn which will become home for fish and many other forms of sea life. Families are often encouraged to take part in the mixing of the remains and are able to draw or write messages in the wet cement in order to personalise the reef urn.

  1. Helium balloons

– Those interested in a visually beautiful and unique scattering ceremony may be interested in a helium balloon release. This involves having your loved one’s ashes placed inside a helium balloon which will float up to a height of 5 miles before bursting and scattering the ashes into the wind. If you are concerned about the environmental impact of your scattering ceremony be sure to use biodegradable latex balloons without attaching any ribbon or string.