5 important things you should consider before scattering ashes


Cremation is becoming increasingly popular, which leaves many families wondering what to do with their loved ones ashes. Most choose to scatter the ashes somewhere that was special to their loved one, or in a place with which they associate a memory of that person.  Here are 6 important things to consider before you scatter a loved one’s ashes.

  1. Do you have permission to scatter ashes in your chosen location?

– The law on scattering ashes in the United Kingdom is fairly relaxed. Nevertheless it is vital you seek permission from the landowner should you choose to scatter your loved ones ashes on privately owned land, such as a golf course or National Trust sites.

  1. How easily accessible is the location for you?

– Returning to the site where you’ve scattered a loved one’s ashes is likely to become a ritual which will help you to grieve. It is important to think about whether you’ll want to return to this location in the future and if yes, how easy will it be for you to get there.

  1. Consider visiting your chosen location in advance.

– You may be thinking about having your scattering ceremony somewhere your loved one always wanted to visit or somewhere that holds a special memory but that you may have only visited once, such as a honeymoon destination. It may be wise to check this place out beforehand to avoid any disappointments in case developments have been made since your last visit.

  1. Do you want to take somebody with you?

– For many, scattering ashes can feel like saying a final goodbye to your loved one and is bound to be an emotional experience that you might not want to go through alone. Consider asking a friend or family member to accompany you for emotional support.

  1. How do you want to remember this moment?

– When we lose someone we love all we can do is try to honour their memory and hope that they would’ve liked the way we’ve chosen celebrate them and their life. When scattering ashes try to avoid locations with animals and if you are releasing ashes from a location such as a cliff top it be sure to face upwind. Using helpful products like scatter tubes to release your ashes can help make for a more dignified and practical experience. To make your ceremony all the more special, you may want to consider recounting a happy memory, reading a poem or having a bottle of champagne ready so you can toast to your loved one’s life after you’ve said goodbye. Many people also choose to release flower petals when scattering ashes for a more visually beautiful experience. You may also want to take photos or record a video for friends or family members who could not be there in person.

Losing a friend, lover or family member is a painful experience which can often become overwhelming when we are faced with the task of how best to honour their memory. Take all the time you need when planning your scattering ceremony and make sure to involve other family members and friends when making decisions so that you can celebrate your loved one’s life in a memorable and unique way that you know they would’ve loved.