Different and meaningful ways to keep a loved one’s ashes

Every relationship is special and unique and there is therefore no right or wrong way to honour the memory of a partner, friend or family member who has passed on. Many people choose to scatter their loved one’s ashes in a place that was special to them, whilst others prefer take their ashes home. It’s common to keep ashes in funeral urns but there are also many other beautiful and tasteful ways keep a loved one nearby.

  • Lockets for ashes
    • Some people choose to keep their loved one close with a beautiful pendent or locket that stores some of their ashes. Cremation jewellery can also be personalised and many people choose to have their loved one’s name or a special date engraved. As these lockets for ashes only require a small amount of ashes it’s perfect for families or friends who all wish to keep their loved one close to their hearts.
  • Teddy bear urn
    • Huggable teddy bear urns are provide a sense of comfort for children who have lost a family member and for parents who have lost children. These bears have a small opening which can be used to hold a loved one’s ashes, a piece of memorial jewellery or a special keepsake. Teddy bear urns can often be personalised to reflect the uniqueness of a loved one so you can always have them with you.
  • Hourglass urn
    • Hourglass urns are very popular and become treasured heirlooms which many families pass down for generations. Although the consistency of the ashes mean you may not be able to use this to accurately measure the time it is a beautiful way to display a loved one’s ashes and reflect on the good times you had together.
  • Memorial photo frame
    • Remember your loved one with a photograph displayed in a wonderful frame which also discretely holds their ashes. Some choose to engrave their memorial frames with a special message or the name of their loved one.
  • Vinyl urn
    • If you’re loved one was particularly musically talented or if there’s a piece of music you associate with a special memory you may decide to have their ashes made into a set of vinyl records. Some people also choose to use a recording of their voice.
  • Tattoo
    • A sure way to make your loved one a part of you forever. It is not uncommon for people to get a memorial tattoo after losing a loved one, but some choose to take things one step further and get a tattoo made from a  mixture of ink and their loved one’s ashes. There aren’t too many tattoo artists that offer this service but if you are considering this it is important that you speak to them first and research any potential health risks.

When it comes to what to do with a loved one’s ashes the possibilities seem endless. Honouring the memory of a loved one in a creative and unique way takes a lot of time and thought. Whatever you ultimately choose to do, accept all the help you need from friends and family and take all the time you need.