7 ways to honour your beloved pet’s memory

Saying goodbye to a pet can be absolutely heartbreaking. Our furry friends bring us so much joy and truly become a member of the family, so why wouldn’t you want to ensure them a dignified passing and a thoughtful memorial.

Pet urns

Funeral urns aren’t just for people, but our furry friends too! Many people choose to have their pets cremated and have their remains placed in an urn. Funeral Extras offers a wide range of pet urns and lockets for pet ashes, there are a variety of urns to choose from, in many different sizes, styles and materials.

A garden memorial

Dogs for example are notorious for digging up the garden, so why not place a stone or plant a tree or bush in their favourite digging spot. Placing a garden stone as a tribute to your pet doesn’t have to be expensive, some may choose to buy a stone and have it engraved with a message, but you could also just go to the beach or the park to find you own and then decorate it yourself. Decorating a stone or stones could also be a healing (and even fun) activity to get the children involved in if they wish, just grab some paint and get creative!

Frame your favourite photo

We take so many photos of our pets, but most of them stay on our phones. Why not pick your favourite photo or photos and display them in a lovely frame. If you’re an art fan, why not commission an artist to sketch or paint a picture of your pet – or even better, try it yourself!

If you’re struggling to choose a favourite photo, why not compile multiple photos in an album or scrapbook? You could also take the time to write down some funny stories and stick in some of your pet’s official documents.

Organise a funeral or memorial service

If your pet was particularly sociable, you could even invite some of their friends (and their owners too) to a funeral or memorial service. You could have the service at your home or even at a nearby dog park or beach. You may think having a funeral for a pet may seem a little silly, but it’s a great opportunity to grieve and share funny stories of your pet with close friends and family which can really help you to heal.

A donation to an animal charity

You may have adopted your pet from a local shelter, so why not honour their memory by donating to that shelter and help to care for other animals. If you can’t afford to make a donation, why not donate some of your time instead? There are so many animals without homes and there are lots of shelters and animal sanctuaries looking for people to help them fund-raise or even just to take their dogs on walks and play with the cats.

Save their tag

The tag for your pet’s collar may have been one of the first purchases you made when you decided to bring them home. Why not remove the tag from their collar and keep hold of it. You could keep it in a jewellery box, attach it to your keys, or even have it on display in your home.

A cuddly toy

If you of your children are really struggling to come to terms with your pet’s passing, why not get a cuddly toy that looks like them! Or better yet, have your own custom toy made! There are a few businesses that offer this service, it’s not cheap but it does offer a unique way to remember your pet.

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