Funeral Urns: How to make it personal

Nothing can ever replace a loved one who’s passed away, all we can do is try to honour them and keep their memory alive.

When it comes to honouring a loved one’s memory, many people want to do something unique and personal. Many people decide to have their loved one’s remains cremated and placed into an urn. There are so many different kinds of funeral urns to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one that’s perfect.


When it comes to funeral urns, the material really matters. The material will not only determine what you can do with the urn, but it will also help you to convey your loved one’s personality.

The most common materials for urns include wood which is a lovely natural choice, glass and ceramic, which are beautiful and delicate, and marble, which is certainly one of the grander options.


There are lots of urns which come with a special space for a photo and photo frame urns are also available. With some urns, it’s also possible to have the outline of a photo engraved right on the urn’s surface.

If you don’t like the style of photo frame urns you could just place a photo or photo colage next to the urn. If you’d prefer, you could also place one of your loved one’s treasured belongings next to the urn instead.


Many people choose to have urns and other memorial keepsakes engraved, either with the name of their loved one, or a date of significance, such the day they were born and the day they passed away.

Having a short poem or a meaniful quote or message engraved on an urn is another popular option.

Some urns can even be engraved with a more intricate design depicting your loved one’s career, hobbies or interests, whether they served in the army, played a musical instrument or just loved the outdoors. The engraving possibilities are endless.


One of the easiest ways to make an urn more personal, is to choose a style that incorporates one of more of your loved one’s favourite colours.

Not everybody has a favourite colour however, in that case you may just want to choose a colour that relects your loved one’s personality. If they were a really happy, bubbly person for example, you might want a brightly coloured urn. If your loved one was a little more dark and mysterious, you might prefer an urn with a few more darker tones such as dark blues, greys and blacks.

Do something different

Many people choose to keep urns on display at home, but some people find they’d rather do something a little different to honour their loved one’s memories.

In a previous blog post, we discussed just some of the weird and unique things that can be done with a person’s ashes. There are a lot of different ways to scatter ashes and lots of different special urns to choose from too.

For example, if your loved one loved the ocean, you could place their remains in a coral reef urn. For avid gardeners or nature lovers, there’s also a plantable urn which will grow into a tree over time.

If you’d like some more tips on choosing a funeral urn, read our blog post on how to choose the right urn for your loved one.