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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the time we have been working we have developed a wealth of knowledge about the funeral process and of course supplying the best value and quality coffins on the market.

Who are FuneralExtras.co.uk?

How much does it cost to deliver the coffin?

Standard Delivery is included in all the prices of our products. If you wish to change this please contact us

How long does it take to order a coffin?

From the time we receive and process your order we aim to deliver all products within 48-72 Hours. If there are any delays we will inform you immediately.

Will delivery of a coffin purchased from FuneralExtras.co.uk have to be to a funeral director?

Yes a funeral director has to receive the coffin of your choice. This is not to force you to use a specific funeral director but to ensure delivery of the chosen coffin or casket can be made.

Is VAT included?

Yes, VAT is included in all our product prices

What sizes do the coffins come in?

All our coffins, whether Americian, traditional or natural coffins are available in a variety of sizes

Do I need to make the arrangements with the Funeral Director?

No. We will make contact with the funeral director to inform them of delivery. We will also keep you updated with dispatch and delivery.

What if I want to conduct the funeral ourselves?

Conducting the funeral service yourselves is very easy can be done by anyone. FuneralExtras.co.uk can offer guidance to you through the whole process, what will be required and suggestions that will save you effort, time.

What if the person is with a funeral director, but I now want to do the funeral ourselves?

You can still conduct the funeral service yourself. Make sure to contact the funeral director as policies vary between companies.

What if the person is with a funeral director, but I now want to use a different funeral director?

Make sure to contact you selected funeral director who will liaise with any other funeral director and ensure your wishes are conducted.

Can I view coffins before we buy?

Yes, we can arrange viewings of all our coffins at one of two Showrooms based in Bristol.

Can FuneralExtras.co.uk help me arrange a funeral plan?

Yes, FuneralExtras.co.uk can help arrange funeral plans. If you live in the Bristol area please call 0800 298 3036. For all other enquires please contact FuneralExtras on 0800 *** ****.

What about things for the funeral, such as funeral flowers and Funeral Order of Service sheets?

FuneralExtras.co.uk can help with all additional items relating to a funeral service including scatter tubes, funeral urns and lockets for ashes. If a product or service is not shown online please contact us on 0800 *** **** and we will assist you with your requests.

Can I order a coffin that I want to use in the future?

Yes you can order a coffin for future use, please be aware that we are unable to accept returns after 14 days.

What happens if something goes wrong with the coffin delivery?

In the rare circumstance there are any difficulties with deliveries we will contact you immediately. We will also liaise with your selected funeral director to inform them of delivery times.

How do we get hold of FuneralExtras.co.uk?

To contact FuneralExtras.co.uk

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By Phone

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