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Scatter Tubes

Scatter Tubes​​​​​​​Our scatter tubes are especially designed to help make your scattering ceremony more practical and dignified whether you're scattering at beauty spots, mountains, hill tops, rivers, the sea or even sporting venues. Whichever spot you decide on our range of scatter tubes offer an appropriate way of releasing the ashes into the surrounding environment. They are also very useful if you're intending to take a small amount of ashes abroad to scatter at a favourite holiday spot or birthplace.

Scatter tubes for ashes are available in a variety of sizes:
  • Large (ideal for adult ashes)
  • Medium (ideal for child or split ashes)
  • Small (ideal for baby or token ashes)
  • Extra small (ideal for token ashes)
  • Mini (ideal for keepsake ashes or jewellery returns)
Our cremation scattering tubes are available in a wide range of designs to suit your service.
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